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Brand: Vox

An expertly designed, completely hand-wired volume pedal.
A durable and stylish volume pedal that provides ultimate tonal purity.

•  Hand-wired design preserves your tone.
•  Tough and stylish aluminum body with a durable anodized finish.
• Smooth and reliable gear-based pedal mechanism.
• Custom enclosure is designed to protect the volume potentiometer from dust.
• Torque can be adjusted to suit your playing style.

VOX announces the V860, a new standard in guitar volume pedals. It’s a reimaging of the classic VOX pedal design exemplified by its well-known wah pedals. The stylish aluminum body features a blasted and anodized finish that is both tough and classy. The pedal mechanism uses gears with a high tooth count, ensuring durability and smooth operation. The components are completely hand-wired, minimizing any change in the tonal character.

Hand-wired electronics with no circuit board

Pure sound quality was the foremost consideration in the V860’s design. By including only the essential jacks such as input, output, and tuner out, we have limited the number of circuits to the bare minimum. Additionally, no circuit boards are used for the internal input and output circuit; all of these components are individually hand-wired. This minimizes any influence that the volume pedal will have on your guitar sound.

Sturdy and stylish aluminum body

Departing from the classic VOX pedal design, the stylish new design represents a fresh approach to volume pedals. The sturdy aluminum body ensures stability underfoot. The blasted and anodized finish exudes high quality, and the surface rubber that enhances the grip is emblazoned with a large VOX logo.

Tough and smooth pedal mechanism

The most crucial aspect of a volume pedal is durability. The V-860 uses an exceptionally strong geared mechanism to ensure trouble-free operation. By using gears with a high tooth count, we have achieved a major improvement in reliability and in the smoothness of operation. Use of an aluminum body minimizes exposure of internal components to the outside, making it less likely that dust will adhere to the volume potentiometer.

Adjustable torque

A torque adjustment screw is provided, allowing you to adjust the operating torque (weight) of the footboard to suit your preference.


Input Impedance:250K ohms

Input Jacks:INPUT Jack (monaural standard phone jack)

Output Jacks:OUTPUT Jack (monaural phone jack)

Controls:pedal, torque adjustment screw

Dimensions (W x D x H):90 x 268 x 62 mm / 3.54″ x 10.55″ x 2.44″ (including rubber feet)
Weight:1.3 kg / 2.87 lbs

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