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Sign up music course now, can enjoy 50% discount!

Course Benefit!

* Only need 12 lessons!

* Unlimited replacement class!

* Provide free instrument!

* Every 2 months will conduct concert!

* Time flexibility!

* No expired date for our courses!

* Certificates recognition by PMA

* Job Guaranteed!

Can i learn with 0 basics?

no problem! The course is designed for 0 basic students, the course is lively and fun, it is to learn pop songs!

Worried about buying an instrument?

No problem, we will give you the instrument with FREE!

Busy at work, afraid of not being able to keep up?

You can have unlimited replacement class to make up the lesson until you learn it, it is free!

Want to learn how to play and sing in a short time?

You have found the right place, and you can achieved success in just 12 lessons!

30/40/50/60/70/80 years old?

age is not a problem! The most important thing is that you have a young heart!

I am an office worker, afraid that I will not be able to arrange time for class?

Don't worry, we are open until 10pm! As long as you fill in the class time you want in the registration form, we can start the class at the time you want!

Sing & Play Certificate x1

Please click below link to make your registration 

Bank Transfer :

Bank Name: AM Bank Berhad 
Account Number: 8881041985580

Recipient reference: your full name as per IC (DT)
Alternative you may transfer via above account, please be noted that for installment package cannot remit via bank transfer. 

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